Linux pour l’ordinateur de bureau

Par défaut

On y est presque, presque.

Un article banal détaillant l’installation d’une Ubuntu. La fin de l’article m’a empli d’espoir :

Ubuntu is supposed to be a very user friendly distro. I guess the real test, as far as I was concerned, was to see how my wife (a computer neophyte) and my 6 year old son would do. My wife just sat down, opened FireFox and went to Ebay without noticing she wasn’t in Windows.

One point to Ubuntu. My 6 year old found Tux Racer on the desktop, started it, and played it without a second thought. When I asked him how he liked the new Linux computer, he shrugged his shoulders and said, « Who cares, Tux Racer works. Want to see the penguin fly , Dad? » 2 points for Ubuntu.